Load capacity, drivetrain

Load capacity, drivetrain

From the engine to the axles.

From the engine to the axles – all drive components on the Arocs have been developed for the very highest performance. Also in terms of robustness.

In order to meet the high requirements which apply in construction transport, a particularly stringent benchmark was applied from the outset in the development and design of the Arocs: practical reality. All drive components of the Arocs offer a particularly robust, durable design, a high degree of reliability and an increased service life.

Depending on the intended application, drum brakes, a combination of disc and drum brakes or disc brakes ensure short stopping distances for the Arocs.

Advantages at a glance.

  • 6-cylinder in-line engine in particularly robust design with extended service life
  • Broad torque curve reduces number of shift operations and saves wear on clutch and transmission
  • Clutches for maximum torque of up to 3000 Nm
  • Turbo Retarder Clutch for wear-free moving off and manoeuvring and wear-free braking at high gross permissible combination weights and high levels of torque
  • Transmission and gearshift with extended component service lives
  • Robust planetary axles with load-bearing capacity of up to 16 t
  • Weight-optimised, fuel-saving hypoid drive axles with maximum axle load of 13 t
  • Highly robust drum and/or disc brakes, optimised for on- and off-road use
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